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During the November 2013 ear camp, the team witnessed the digging of the main foundations - by hand.

Apparently, a team of many men were more suitable than a JCB for this task. Neil Weir was very impressed with the finish and accuracy of the result.

Foundations going in: The Main Building Begins

The gallery shows the work through December 2013/ January 2014, after the foundations of columns had been dug.

It shows the brick layer(s) and neatness of a hole as work started on adding the reinforced concrete base.

You will get glimpses of the fabrication processes, of producing the adjoining foundation trenches and adding the first “stub” of concrete to the columns.

Finally, it shows the start of the brick bases being laid, and that leads on to the next stage of work: The Tie Beams.

The technique of using a brick base and then adding the reinforced concrete tie beams and column footings seems unusual (or innovative).

Probably the lack of “ready-mix” lorries to supply the concrete, makes this method more efficient than simply producing reinforced concrete ground beams.

Also buying bricks ready-made is probably quicker and  cheaper than concrete where you don’t need steel.

it should be a lot less polluting as well.

The Web Master apologises to anyone who has not been involved in building or civil engineering. To one in the UK who has (some time back) the methods used and speed at which this team in Nepal produce results, is quite impressive!