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"I have always thought that deafness is one of the cruellest of human afflictions. While we are immediately aware if people are blind or bodily disabled,  the deaf person looks completely normal but has to endure being thought stupid, humourless, slow and unsociable.  Children lag behind in class and leave school unqualified to go further in any career.  The deaf person is not helped to cross roads, or lift cases: he has to tolerate being shouted at and despaired of, being cut out of conversations and isolated as not being able to 'keep up'.  That so much of deafness and hearing impairment can now be treated is a cause for real celebration, and  over the past 25 years BRINOS has shown the colossal difference in human lives and achievement by its work.

Although I can hear well, my late mother became very deaf later in her life and through her I could get a small idea of how awful it was to be in crowded chattering rooms, or unable to hear music, or birdsong, or asides, or important announcements. For people whose livelihoods depend on being able to function fully like others, being deaf is a really major setback.  How tragic, and up until now almost unnoticed, that deafness is the single largest disability in Nepal. Now tens of thousands have been helped by BRINOS through its work in over fifty camps there; with 50% of all ear disease being preventable this is a huge achievement by any standards.

The new centre at Nepalgunj is about to open, but continues to need urgent funding. Any disability which is eliminated or treated successfully makes a marked change not only on the sufferers but on their communities, where they turn from being a burden on their families to becoming a useful wage-earning citizen: it makes sense in every way.  I cannot think of a finer way to help a complete stranger than giving them the gift of hearing: by supporting the work of BRINOS we can do just that, where every donation, large or small, will make such a contribution to the happiness of people in need so far away."

Joanna Lumley Champions BRINOS

From the super-woman in TV’s Avengers, Joanna is one of the unchanging parts of life. Her acting roles are prolific (and all memorable) and her “appearances” in animations and audio messages are everywhere.

She is a champion of the down-trodden people wherever she finds them. Now she is lending her support to BRINOS

Famous actress Joanna Lumley is known for her love of Nepal and as a champion of people with hearing impairment. She writes: