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38th  BRINOS Ear Camp - Fateh-Bal Eye Hospital, Nepalgunj, Nepal

From 22nd March until 1st April 2009

The 38th Surgical Ear Camp undertaken by the Britain Nepal Otology Service was conducted in the Fateh-Bal Eye Hospital, Nepalgunj in the Terai Region of Western Nepal.

The Surgery involves repair of ear drum perforations (myringoplasty), eradication of potentially serious middle ear disease (mastoidectomy) and restoration of the hearing for those suffering with a condition known as otosclerosis (stapedectomy).

Patients stay in hospital for two days and aftercare is undertaken by the primary ear care team.

The members of the team were as follows:


Odette Ferrao (theatre manager - Kings College Hospital)

Robin Youngs (ENT Surgeon and Team Leader - Gloucestershire Royal Hospital)

Ed Boys (anaesthetist – West Suffolk Hospital)

Musheer Hussain (ENT Surgeon – Ninewells Hospital, Dundee)

William Mckerrow (ENT Surgeon – Raigmore Hospital, Inverness

Yvette Youngs (theatre assistant – Gloucestershire Hospitals)

Adam Boys (operating department practitioner – Brighton)


Anupama Rijal (ENT Surgeon – Kathmandu)

Abbas Sai (driver)

Pashupati Chaudhari (Theatre nurse)

Ramakant Chaudhari (Theatre nurse)

Tushar Roy (Facilitator)

Puran Tharu (Chief Community Ear Assistant)

Ram Bahadur (Community Ear Assistant)

Dipak BC (Community Ear Assistant)

BRINOS is a charity and relies solely on fundraising and donations for its work. If you would like to help, please visit the "Funding and Donors" page on this web site for further information.

Robin Youngs MD FRCS


The Team of Spring 2009 from
Britain and from Nepal

Patient in Recovery with his parents

Micro surgery under way by
Robin Youngs