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Fitting Out the BECC Interior

These Audiology Booths are currently at “first fit” stage. These will be decorated, furnished, sound proofed, fitted with acoustic tiles and have specialist audiology equipment fitted.

This will range from simple tuning forks, for “first level” examinations, up to specialised electronic kit to profile the patients’ hearing and to set up hearing aids scientifically (Just amplifying “normal ranges of sound” would not be helpful in very many cases)

Also, from the hearing profile it is possible to help diagnose more complex problems that might be improved of cured only with medical intervention.

Shells of two Audiology Booths
before fitting out

Slide Show of Fitting out progress

Foundation Stone:

The stone you see is a replica. You might recall from earlier pages that the actual foundation stone is buried deep under the North East corner of the building - as local tradition dictates.

The exterior of the actual BECC building is looking smart now, with roadway and access ramps in place.

There is more auxiliary building work around the back though, and the site will benefit from a little landscaping before opening day.

However, from the pictures below, you can see that the interior is progressing apace.