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The team for the 56th BRINOS Camp diverted from the usual pattern in two ways.   Firstly they travelled overland to Nepalgunj from Lucknow in India, rather than Kathmandu.  

This decision turned out to be fortuitous as Kathmandu Airport had been closed following the crash of a large Airbus, which could not be removed from the runway. The journey through India from Lucknow across the state of Uttar Pradesh revealed the severe poverty of this region.

Secondly the team travelled without an anesthestist, which resulted in all surgery being conducted under local anaesthesia.  As a result no young children could be treated.  However, a greater number of operations could be undertaken in patients as young as 14 years.  In total 130 major ear operations were undertaken during the camp.  Two thirds of these patients were Nepali, with the remaining coming across the border from India.

The team were also able to see the progress being made with the construction of the new Ear Care Centre.  They were impressed with the quality of the facilities, which will be available for those suffering with deafness and ear disease in this impoverished region.

Team members from Nepal

Kashi Gyalwali (ENT Surgeon – Kathmandu)

Puran Bahadur Tharu (Chief Community Ear Officer)

Ram Bahadur Bohara (Community Ear Assistant)

Pashupati Chaudhary (Community Ear Assistant)

Man Lal Tharu (Community Ear Assistant)

Deepak BC (Community Ear Assistant)

Tushar Roy (Technical Officer)

Sagun Shrestha (Trainee Doctor)

Rajani Shah Bhandari (Theatre Nurse)

Pabitra Khadka (Theatre Nurse)

Satrohan Balmiki (Peon)

Kamta Chaudhary (Guard / helper)

Rahul (Driver)

Sita Kumari Chaudhary (Volunteer)

Yamuna Bohara (Volunteer)

Sundar Chaudhary (Helper)

Jagat Ram Tharu (Helper)

Rupesh Chaudhary (Helper)

Mohan Chaudhary (Helper)

Nepalu Tharu (Helper)

Adarsh Pathil (Laundry)

Shyam Balmiki (Cleaner)

56th BRINOS Ear Camp, Nepalgunj, Nepal
8th to 17th March 2015

The UK Team crossing the Indian border

Malcolm Hilton concentrating on surgery assisted by Yvette Youngs

Kashi Gyawali and Pabithra Khadka in the operating theatre

Team Members from the UK

Odette Ferrao (Theatre manager –  London)

Robin Youngs (ENT Surgeon and Team Leader - Gloucestershire Royal Hospital)

Malcolm Hilton (ENT Surgeon – Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital)

Fahmy Fahmy (ENT Surgeon – West Suffolk Hospital)

Yvette Youngs (Radiographer  –  Cheltenham General Hospital)