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43rd  BRINOS Ear Camp - Fateh-Bal Eye Hospital, Nepalgunj, Nepal

From 16th to the 23rd November 2010

The 43rd BRINOS Ear Surgery Camp followed directly after the 42nd A new combined British and Nepalese team of surgeons, anaesthetist and nurses continued to operate on patients.

Many of these patients were suffering from chronic ear disease and deafness due to otosclerosis (this is fixation of the third of the three little bones in the middle ear). They had been screened and prepared by the BRINOS Ear Health Community Service (BEHCS).

Altogether 103 major and 14 minor operations were performed, the majority of which were under local anaesthetic.

The members of the team from Britain :

ENT Surgeons – Neil Weir (Guildford),

Angus Waddell (Swindon) and

John Skipper (Portsmouth)

Anaesthetist – Julian Stone (Swindon)

Theatre nurses – Sue Weir (Guildford),

Tikajit Gurung (Portsmouth)

And from Nepal:

ENT Surgeon –

Urmila Gurung,

Community Ear Assistants –

Puran Tharu (Chief),

Ram Bahadur Bohara,

Pashupati Chaudhari (also theatre nurse),

Dipak BC.

Theatre Nurse – Rajani Shah,

Facilitator – Tushar Roy,

General Assistants –

Tilak Ram Sonkhar,

Rati Ram Sonkhar,

Ram Bihari Sonkhar,

Satruhan Balmiki,

Rakesh Balmiki,

Laundry man – Dilip Pathik,

Driver – Abbas Sai,

Volunteers –

Nand Kishor Tharu

Nirmala Chaudhary

Thanks for support from:

BRINOS acknowledges the following the following who made special donations to the 43rd Camp:

St Mark's Overseas Aid Trust,

Septodont Limited (Lignospan),

Swann Morton Limited,

Carl Zeiss Limited,

B Braun Medical Limited and,

Amdipharm PLC.

The Team

BECC Infrastructure Progress:

Below, it can be seen that the prospect of building an ear “hospital” on the Fateh-Bal Eye Hospital campus advanced been changed.

A new site had been procured and a brick wall had been built around it. The plans for the hospital are nearly complete.

(See the Nepalgunj BECC Pages)

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