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The 53rd BRINOS ear surgery camp took place in Nepalgunj between 2nd and 11th of March 2014. One hundred and twenty-one patients were treated for chronic ear disease and a further nine for glue ear, totalling 130 in all.

Many of the patients came from the Kailali District in the Far Western region of Nepal where Mr Puran Tharu and the other community ear assistants had, for the first time, been invited to perform screening camps.

The team members were:


Mr Neil Weir        surgeon
Mrs Sue Weir      theatre nurse
Miss Ruth Capper (team leader)  surgeon
Mr Rob Evans     surgeon

Mr Jim Fairley      surgeon
Dr Mark Luscombe    anaesthetist
Dr Matt Kuet        volunteer


Dr Kashi Raj Gyawali     surgeon
Mrs Pashupati Kumari Chaudhary  theatre nurse and CEA
Rajani Shah Bhandhari   theatre nurse
Pabitra Khadka               theatre nurse
Dr Bhawani Pradhan      audiologist

Mr Tushar Roy    office / technical assistant

Mr Puran Tharu       CEO
Mr Ram Bahadur Bohara   CEA
Mr Man Lal Tharu    CEA
Mr Deepak BC        CEA (Bardia)

Mr Satrohan Balmiki      peon / cleaner
Mr Govinda Tharu          labourer / cleaner
Mr Ram Ratan Tharu    labourer / cleaner
Mr Sundar Chaudhary   labourer / cleaner
Mr Kamta Chaudhary    labourer / cleaner

Mr Raj Kumar Chaudhary   labourer / cleaner
Mr Bishal Chaudhary    labourer / cleaner
Mr Arjun                         labourer / cleaner

Mr Rakesh Balmiki        labourer / cleaner

Mr Arman                      driver
Mr Dilip Pathik               laundryman
Mr Abdul                        generator operator
Mr Umesh Godiya         cook

53rd BRINOS Ear Surgery Camp – March 2014 in Nepalgunj, Nepal

On our way to work

The new Centre
(ready for surgery early next year)

Operations in the temporary theatre

Some of the Team

In the picture, back row first:

Dr Matt Kuet, Dr Bhawani Pradhan, Miss Ruth Capper,

Mr Jim Fairley, Mrs Sue Weir,
 Dr Mark Luscombe,  Mr Neil Weir, Dr Kashi Raj Gyawali
 and Mr Rob Evans on the right.