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BRINOS : A charity dedicated to the prevention and cure of Ear Disease in Nepal

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Field Marshal Sir John Chapple visits the BRINOS BECC

Joanna Lumley lends her support of BRINOS

BRINOS plays Elephant Polo with the Word Elephant Polo Association

This new building recently hosted the 58th BRINOS Ear Camp.   

See the Progress page and  the Ear Camp 58 page for details

The building is complete. We are working on the future funding for upkeep and for the BRINOS Ear Health Community Service!

Thanks to SMOAT and the BMA for generous donations, and to Debbie Clench who will run the Bournemouth Half Marathon for BRINOS in October 2016
(See her on the “Funding BECC” page)

The New BRINOS Ear Care Centre (BECC)
 in Nepalgunj, SW Nepal

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